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Auto Batteries

Whether you need a new or replacement battery for your vehicle, we’ll ensure you have the most reliable and high-performing battery for your vehicle and budget. We are committed to providing you with a longer-lasting battery with more usable energy and fast recharging capability. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and recommend any issues with your current battery to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Lithium Battery Golf Cart Upgrades

Considering upgrading from a lead-acid battery on your golf cart? Whether it’s for environmental reasons, performance improvement, or less maintenance, we can recommend the best lithium battery for your golf cart. With benefits such as being lightweight, having a longer life than traditional batteries, faster charging times, lower-level discharge, consistent power with a steady voltage output, much less maintenance or simply preserving the planet, the choice to upgrade will be a great decision!  Let our technicians install the best battery for your golf cart.

Auto Batteries

Buy your next auto batteries from us for longer-lasting, high-performance, with more usable energy and a faster recharging capability than most other auto batteries. 

Century Battery Agent

Century Batteries are a market leader in the Australian Automotive battery market. Made in Australia since 1928, Century Batteries are the oldest and most recognised battery designer and manufacturer in Australia.  We are a proud supplier of Century batteries.

Customer Benefits.

We have access to all workshop manuals for accurate and reliable details so you can rely on us for a precise and superior result - no guesswork is involved. Enjoy Peninsula local convenience and fast turnaround times.

  • Local and familiar convenience with personalised service
  • Affordable and quality solutions
  • Optimal vehicle performance and efficiency

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