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Services and Accessories

We’ll make sure your vehicle is roadworthy with the latest in technology and equipment so you can enjoy a better driving experience. Improve your driving visibility in different weather conditions, capture evidence of any vandalism or road accident, and handle the roads better with better navigation accessories. From reversing cameras and sensors to security cameras, we’ll carefully install high-quality accessories to your vehicle for safer journeys.

Driving Lights

Our high-performance driving lights will light up the road ahead so you can drive safely and avoid any potential hazards. Improving your night-time visibility whether it’s on a sealed main road or off-road on an outback adventure. Providing a broader, focused beam or high beam, our specialist technicians will ensure you have the right lights installed at the correct angles for an enjoyable drive.

Fog Lights

If you’ve ever driven in thick fog or you’re likely to visit an area where it gets foggy, then you’ll know that without high-quality fog lights, you’re putting yourself and others in danger. We will help keep you safe and in control when driving in foggy conditions with our reliable fog lights. Our technicians will install fog lights so you can drive with confidence, ensuring improved visibility for you and others, and making your journey safer.

Quality Car Services and Accessories

High-standard vehicle services, parts, and accessories at your local and affordable auto electrical specialists.

Dash Cams

For your peace of mind, we can install high quality dash cams to your vehicle. Your security and safety is a priority and you can record video and audio, depending on the make and model of your choice. From road incidents and accidents to any form of vandalism, you’ll have it all on camera! We can install these discreetly on your dash and to the rear of your vehicle.

Reversing Sensors

Our top-notch ultrasonic sensors are great for those who enjoy a more audible experience when parking or reversing. Avoid accidental knocks and running into objects and obstacles that you didn’t see as you receive real-time proximity sensor alerts. Our skilled technicians can advise and install the best technology to suit your needs for your vehicle.

Reversing Cameras

Improve your parking with a quality reversing camera allowing you to skillfully and quickly park your vehicle. You’ll be able to see blind spots or hazards that you may not have seen without a rear camera view. You’ll no longer need someone else to guide you into tight spaces or avoid them, as you’ll be able to see for yourself.

Customer Benefits.

We have access to all workshop manuals for accurate and reliable details so you can rely on us for a precise and superior result - no guesswork is involved. Enjoy Peninsula local convenience and fast turnaround times.

  • Qualified, trusted and experienced technicians providing you with excellent service
  • Local and familiar convenience with personalised service
  • Affordable and quality solutions
  • Maximum enduring performance and efficiency
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