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Electric & Hybrid


Our certified and fully trained technicians will ensure your electric or hybrid vehicle is maintained and repaired to the highest standards for longevity and efficiency. We keep abreast of technological advancements so you can be confident that you’re in good hands. We can safely disconnect the high-voltage system in your electric or hybrid vehicle which would otherwise be dangerous.

Specialised Diagnostic Tools & Solutions

We carry specialised diagnostic equipment specifically for fault finding in electric and hybrid vehicles. If there are any malfunctions, our skilled technicians are able to identify the problem and fix it. Make sure you keep an eye out for any warning lights and we can provide you with our expert advice, including any troubleshooting, repair work, or code checking.

Hybrid Cars

With the recommendation to service your hybrid vehicle at least every 12 months to keep it maintained and running well, rest assured that we have the in-house expertise to provide you with excellent results.

Electric & hybrid Vehicles

Local auto electrical diagnostic and repairs for electric vehicles, to sustain maximum enduring performance.

Customer Benefits.

We have access to all workshop manuals for accurate and reliable details so you can rely on us for a precise and superior result - no guesswork is involved. Enjoy Peninsula local convenience and fast turnaround times.

  • Fully certified technicians to handle disconnecting and troubleshooting your electric vechicle
  • Certified and licensed for EVs and Hybrids (HEV) (including Plugin Hybrids PHEV)
  • Local and familiar convenience with personalised service
  • Affordable and quality solutions
  • Manufacturer warranty requirements applied
  • Optimal vehicle performance and efficiency

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